Adoptive families

Adoptioperheet kuvituskuva

Meeting with adoptive families

The process of becoming adoptive parents is often the fulfilment of a long-awaited dream. The wait for a child can take several years or the child might join the family quickly and unexpectedly. The child may be a young infant adopted from within one’s own country or an older child adopted from a foreign land. Help and support are vital at every phase of adoptive parenthood, including waiting for the child, the child’s integration into the family and the daily aspects of family life.

International adoption often also brings the family into contact with a foreign culture, and reinforcing this culture becomes an important aspect of raising the child.

What should a professional take into consideration when meeting with adoptive families?

It is a good idea to meet with the adoptive parents before they leave to bring their child home.

Most adoptive parents have been waiting to become parents for a long time. Rejoice with them and express your congratulations.

Encourage them to get in touch with other adoptive families.

In terms of adoptive families, it is vital to remember that the children are always the family’s ‘own’ children and the parents are always ‘real’ parents.