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The many faces of Finnish families

Monimuotoiset perheet – Diverse Families network aims to provide information regarding the needs of diverse families. Our mission is to make the views of diverse families known by policymakers and professionals working with these families, in order to make Finland a better place for all kinds of families.

The basis of our work is the diverse reality in which Finnish families live. The Diverse Families network consists of ten different family NGOs representing a variety of different types of families.

Over a third of all Finnish families can already be viewed as multiform and the number is growing. The notion of family diversity should thus be taken into account in decision-making and in the way these families are met by different professionals.

The Diverse Families network is funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA).

Main objectives of the network

  • Social security system and policies to recognize and include multiform families
  • Ensuring the children’s right to meet their social parents
  • Enhancing professional competence regarding the special needs of diverse families
  • Ensuring support and guidance for families in different life situations
  • Offering psychological guidance for families facing difficult life situations and ensuring sufficient post-crisis counselling
  • Structural flaws in the financial benefit system to be corrected so that the economic well-being and livelihood of diverse families is secured equally to any other families
  • The network is guided by the principle of anti-racism and anti-discrimination

Family diversity

Diverse families are all similar in that their family does not seem to fit the family mold assumed by their surrounding community and society. This leads to situations where all families are not legally equal. There are parents whose parenthood is not necessarily recognized and if the family is faced with a sudden crisis, the children’s right to a safe and secure everyday life can be compromised.

Professional staff encountering families is in a key position when it comes to supporting parenthood and guiding families in different crisis situations. For this reason, it is important that these professionals have enough information and tools to recognize the special needs of multiform families. The most important thing for the wellbeing of all families is that everyone can be proud of their family just as it is.

A poster showing all the ten family groups represented by the Diverse Families Network in colorful pictures.
A poster showing all the ten family groups represented by the Diverse Families Network in colorful pictures.